R&D made us the first US
brand to move into LED.

LuxLabs is where we’ve been developing
what’s next, nearly two decades running.

A classic base
that simply fits

While we pride ourselves on innovation,
we also know that what isn’t broken
should remain a fixture.

Modern technology
inspired by history

We’ve packed the latest LED tech into a
classically designed package, reminiscent
of the original Edison bulb.

Built for practicality

Tried-and-true shapes molded with
crystal-clear glass, to ensure full effect
of each LED light.

created for optimal

Each bulb’s shape and diode
positioning contributes to a
stunning 360° flood of brightness.

All to make your
project shine.

Our diligence pays off.

Professionals and consumers appreciate how our innovations serve their space:

Brighter together.

A full ecosystem of bulbs, fixtures, and fittings that
work together seamlessly.

Shades of you.

A leading variety of color-
and wattage-selectable products to dial in the mood.

True to spec.

A sense of confidence that the product you spec will fit and perform as promised.

Behind them,
a brilliant team.

Switch over to the light side.

Join Luxrite with a career move that
rewards you every single day.


Spread the light.

See what’s new, draw inspiration,
and contribute to the conversation.