From lightbulb moment
to the shelf. Faster.

We innovate with the goal of putting our best products in your hands at light speed.


Cutting edge, not corners.

Longevity Over Lumens™

This internal motto keeps us focused on improving product lifespan instead of simply leaning on nominal features.

Rapid scaling on launch

New designs launch as a full lineup of sizes and styles, maintaining our catalogs width and depth.

Design and iteration, in unison

Real-time collaboration between our design and testing team helps boost speed-to-market.

Not just on the ground.
On the manufacturing floor.

We maintain dedicated offices near each
manufacturing partner. Our people are
involved in production every day of the year.

At the factory

We measure, weigh, and stress-test products on the manufacturing floor.

At the docks

We conduct randomized unit testing for each shipment upon arrival.

At the warehouse

We put products through
a hands-on inspection before fulfillment.

Rated. Listed. Approved.

Luxrite products deliver performance you can trust. Every single claim is backed up by third party, internationally acclaimed certification labs such as EnergyStar, DLC, UL, and ETL.

Whether you’re speccing a design or outfitting an existing space, rest assured that what you buy is what you get.

the future
of LED lighting