Taperite’s versatile, flexible LED strips can be cut to any length and bent to any configuration to light up even the darkest of spaces. Use the Taperite Configurator to determine your needs and customize your tape light.
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With tastefully crafted channels, tape lighting not only becomes functional and practical, it becomes beautiful. Use tape lighting and channels as part of a room’s interior design. Tape lighting’s flexibility and endless uses can turn a simple strip of lighting into an artistic creation. Use it in a variety of ways to inspire a mood, establish a vibe and turn any space into something spectacular.

How to
configure your
Taperite system

The beauty of tape lighting is in its versatility. Use it anywhere, anyway you like because its infinite configurations are yours to explore. Create a Taperite system to suit your needs.

How to configure your Taperite system

With the Taperite Configurator, creating your tape lighting is as simple as 1-2-3.

O1Choose your
tape light

Understand the space you are lighting and what you want to achieve. Tape lighting provides an array of aesthetics based on the mood you want to attain.

O2Choose your

The channel serves as the heat sink as well as the aesthetic appeal for the tape lighting. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can create the effect you desire with ease.

O3Choose your

The LED driver is the self contained power source that converts high voltage to low voltage, keeping the energy level of your tape lighting in check.

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